What Are the Options for Veteran Cremation Services?

In our country, veterans are respected and honored for the time they have spent defending their countrymen. It seems only fitting that after they pass, they should be given a proper memorial that highlights such an important part of their lives. When you’re looking for veteran cremation services near Bixby, OK, you should try to find a licensed Veterans Funeral Care provider. Utilizing their services means that you have access to a large network of service providers that can offer special plans and significant savings for the families of veterans. You can save as much as 40% when compared to a traditional funeral home. You can also take comfort in knowing that the traditional honors and rites will be observed for your loved one’s services. 

When you’re looking at pricing and packages, often the first option will be a simple veterans cremation. This includes pick-up and honorable transportation of your loved one’s body, as well as in-house cremation services. You will receive vital documents and certificates that are necessary to obtain after death, as well as Veterans Administration forms that allow you to access veteran benefits. If your loved one would like to be interred at any national cemetery, this process will be included as well. You may also receive a veteran’s urn, capable of storing your loved one’s remains for many years to come. This will be the most affordable package, providing all the necessary services for direct cremation. 

The next option will include all the previously mentioned items, as well as the coordination of a funeral or memorial service at your location of choice. This might be a memorial chapel, church, or cemetery, for example. It may also include a military guest book and a standard American Flag Case. 

If your loved one preferred to have a full traditional veteran’s ceremony, this option would include everything above plus embalming for an open-casket viewing. It also will include the use of a rental hardwood casket, as well as service folders and thank-you notes. You may choose to hold these services at a National Cemetery, which can provide a plot of cemetery land, headstones, grave opening and closing, and perpetual care, all at no cost. 

When a loved one passes away, we do everything we can to make sure that their memory is honored and respected. When that person has spent a portion of their life defending the safety of our country, the need to honor their memory is that much more essential. At the Cremation Society of Oklahoma, we are nationally endorsed as a Veteran Funeral Care provider. We can help you gain access to all the benefits and savings that are available, and we can set up a meaningful memorial service for your loved one. Our experience in this field can ease your mind, knowing that we will make sure your loved one’s service is completed properly. When you’re seeking veteran cremation services near Bixby, OK, keep us in mind. You can call day or night, and we will do everything we can to help you and your family through this difficult time.

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