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Final Rest Options: Cremation Service in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

More and more individuals and families are interested in alternative options to traditional burial services. This preferential shift away from the way things were done in prior generations demonstrates society’s changing attitude and perspectives around the topic of death. In many ways, we lead very different lives than those who created casket burial services. We are more mobile than ever and espouse much more diverse worldviews. For these reasons and more, many people are choosing cremation service in Sand Springs, OK as their preferred disposition for themselves and their loved ones who pass on.

But that is not to suggest that it is the best option for everyone. Traditional funerals remain as an excellent choice of final rest for many families and individuals. The services fill a deep human need to mourn those who die, and to receive compassionate care from their social support structure. Fortunately, in our changing world, there are more ways than one to care for the dead, and still meet the needs of the living.

If you’re evaluating whether cremation care is right for your fallen loved one, there are a few things to think about before you decide on either option. Cremation needs to be considered in the context of your family’s needs, budget, culture, faith, and worldview.

Faith and Cultural Considerations

When discussing cremation, your faith and culture can often help you find perspective. Many faith traditions leave the decision to cremate up to the family and individual. Others discourage or even forbid cremation as a means of final rest. Still, a few cultures and faith traditions actively promote it. If you’re not sure what your faith or cultural views are on the topic, seek out a spiritual leader for information about the teachings of your faith. It’s also worth your time to review any cultural norms when it comes to death care. Discuss your findings with family and trusted friends as you make your best decision.

Family Customs and Traditions

Families generally share unique bonds that connect them together. Their identities and worldviews are common in matters of substance. In this context, family heritage and history can provide a template of how things are done in a family setting. Funeral and death care practices are often addressed by the family’s customary way of doing things. If you’re not sure whether cremation services are a good idea, you can talk to a trusted family member for insights and conversation.

Financial Limitations

A cremation service in Sand Springs, OK can be done for much cheaper than most traditional cemetery casket burial services. There is no cost for a casket, and embalmment is only required if a public viewing or wake will be held. The cost can be made comparable to a funeral if additional service amenities are added, but unlike a traditional funeral, they are not expected. You have options with cremation care. If the budget is limited for after care of a deceased loved one, a cremation can be an excellent way to obtain quality care at a reasonable price.

Environmental Considerations

For many people, cremation of the body is considered less harmful to the earth than a casket burial. There is no requirement for embalming chemicals to be used before a cremation. There is also no need to buy a gilded casket made of metals, plastics, and other fabricating materials for burial in the ground. Take a moment to weigh in your mind if this concern is important for your family and deceased loved one.

Personal Feelings

When a body dies, it begins to breakdown and reverts back to its most basic elements. We call this process decomposition. It is completely natural for this to occur. However, when heat and flame are applied, the process of decomposition is rapidly accelerated. If you have personal feelings about the speed at which the body is returned to the earth in elemental form, this too should be considered. Some people are just not comfortable with cremation. These feelings should be considered and honored.

Types of Cremations

If you decide to proceed with cremation care, there are no strict rules regarding how you choose to commemorate the life of the deceased, whether before or after the cremation has occurred. In general, you tend to have more options than a traditional funeral and earth burial. Common variants of cremation with a service include the following:

  1. Traditional funeral and viewing with cremation after
  2. Traditional funeral and no viewing with cremation after
  3. Cremation before, with memorial service and disposition of ashes after
  4. No commemorative service with direct cremation care only

Personalized Cremation Service in Sand Springs, OK

Cremation Society of Oklahoma respects the wishes of the families we serve. Whether you wish full-service funeral or memorial care or a simple cremation, our caring professionals are here to help you meet your needs. Contact us for a discussion about our cremation service in Sand Springs, OK. You’ll find us at 2103 E 3rd St Ste 101 Tulsa, OK 74104. Call us for support at (918) 599-7337.

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