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Since 1983, Cremation Society of Oklahoma have provided families with simple and affordable cremation services. With our excellent staff, we are dedicated to serving you and your loved ones with the sensitivity and compassion that you deserve. You can rely on us if you don't want a fancy funeral and prefer something much simpler. We are the largest provider of complete cremation services and we operate our own crematories.

We pioneered the cremation business in Oklahoma, and we are a family business, not a faceless institution. With more than 37 years of service, we understand the emotional hardship you may be experiencing and you can be sure that we are sensitive to your needs and desires. We provide, simple, smart and flexible Worry Free™ cremation services with care and thoughtfulness.

We are the largest provider of complete cremation services and own and operate our own crematories. Since 1983, we've been setting the standard for cremation services in the state of Oklahoma. We are dedicated to our mission of offering simple, affordable, Worry Free™ cremation.

Call us today at (918) 499-8787 or email through our safe and secure contact us form to schedule a time for you to personally inspect our state-of-the-art cremation services facility located in our Oklahoma Funeral Board Licenced Cremation Care establishment in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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Even when it’s expected, the death of a loved one can come as a shock. No one is ever truly ready for the emotional difficulty that follows in its wake. Thankfully, there are many competent professionals, including cremation care services in Tulsa, OK that can help a family to navigate these heartbreaking experiences. But there are often many questions about cremation care that individuals and families need to be answered. At Cremation Society of Oklahoma, we believe in the value of our services, so we make every effort to answer any questions that people have about it.


The following FAQ list provides answers to the more common questions that we receive from members of the community. If your question is not addressed below, you are more than welcome to contact us for a caring conversation. We’ll answer any additional questions you might have about cremation.

  • Is cremation expensive? Not when it is compared to a traditional full-service funeral. The cost savings are gained because cremations do not require the purchase of a casket, grave plot, embalming, or funeral home services. That being said, the price of cremation can increase to be comparable to a traditional funeral if you wish to add further services and amenities. But in general, it tends to be much more affordable.


Cremation in Tulsa, OK differs a lot. The average price can change because of different things, like the type of cremation you choose or specific things you ask for. Here at the Cremation Society of Oklahoma, our cremation price range are as follows:

  • "Just a Simple Cremation:" $1,341
  • Simple Cremation with Final Goodbye: $2,889
  • Simple Cremation Followed by Memorial Service: $2,479 + tax

If you want more information about how much it costs for cremation in Tulsa, OK, you can contact us anytime.

  • How soon can a cremation happen after death happens? There is a required waiting period of 48 to 72 hours. This time is important so that medical examiners and next-of-kin have time to review the manner of death and authorize the cremation.
  • Do I need to provide an urn? If so, where should I buy one? Our cremation service center in Tulsa, OK has a wide variety of urns and ash containers available to purchase, but there is no requirement to do so. You are welcome to purchase or provide a container from elsewhere. Urns can be purchased online at funeral supply stores, at some box retailers.
  • How long does the cremation process actually take? Cremations generally take between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size and weight of the person who has died. After the cremation is finished, there is a cooling period. Ash remains are then processed for granulated uniformity, similar to coarse sand.
  • Do you need to embalm the body before the cremation? Not necessarily. If the deceased will be directly cremated without a public viewing or funeral service, then embalming is not required. Otherwise, it is required by law, but not because of the cremation service, but rather for public health reasons.
  • What should we do with the ashes? What you do with the ash remains of your loved one is a personal decision. Families and individuals choose to lay their loved ones to rest in a variety of ways. Ashes can be inurned and kept at home, placed in a cemetery ash garden or columbarium niche, or scattered in a meaningful place where permitted.
  • Can I bury the ashes in a regular cemetery plot? If the cemetery you’ve chosen allows it, then yes. Sometimes the cemetery has requirements about where cremated remains can be buried on their grounds, but burial is a completely acceptable choice to make. This question often arises when couples or family members wish to be buried next to each other but have different preferences as to how their remains are dispositioned.
  • Is cremation appropriate in my spiritual beliefs? Most religious traditions honor individuals’ and families’ choice whether to cremate or not. If you’d like guidance to help you decide, you can talk to a spiritual leader about the matter. The choice is ultimately yours, but a sage perspective informed by your faith can bring helpful insight into your decision.
  • If we choose cremation service in Tulsa, OK, is a memorial required? No, it is not required. But the benefits are well documented by psychologists and grief counselors. A tribute service for a deceased person is a chance to honor their life, to remember them as you grieve their passing. It provides a visible outlet where the burden of grief can be shared by your community of family and friends.
  • Do you provide pre-planned cremation care for future needs? Yes, services can be arranged long before the need ever arises. Benefits include locking in service at today’s prices, peace of mind knowing all will be conducted according to your wishes, and relief knowing you have lifted the burden of your death care off of your surviving loved one’s shoulders. Contact our dedicated staff for details about preneed planning.


Quality Cremation Services in Tulsa, OK

At Cremation Society of Oklahoma, we provide dignified end of life care to all we serve. Your family is in good hands with our caring team of cremation service experts in Tulsa, OK. Stop by our facility at 2103 E 3rd St Ste 101 Tulsa, OK 74104. Or call us for a conversation about your needs: (918) 599-7337.


Cremation FAQs

My loved one has died what should I do first?

Call us right away. Once permission has been given by the medical authorities, we will transport your loved one to our cremation care facility. Our compassionate cremation specialist will help you with the paperwork needed to finalize all the details. Contact us for further details.

Do you own & operate your own cremation facility?

Yes! Cremation Society™ owns and operates our own cremation facilities. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and equals or exceeds every state and local operating requirement. Our crematory is always available for inspection. Please also read about our worry-free guarantee, because it is important to us that everything goes as smoothly as possible during this time.

How much does cremation costs?

Our simple cremation package starts at $1,141. Visit this page for more info on our pricing and packages.


Local Pick Up & Transportation

Local Pick Up and transportation of the body is a 30 mile radius from our central crematory operations. All transportation mileage beyond the standard 30 miles will incur additional mileage fees:

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (30 mile radius) $845

  • Removal of the decedent to the funeral home from a local residence, hospice, or care facility within 30 miles.
  • Additional Transportation Fees:
    • 31 - 50 miles +$75
    • 51-100 miles +$95
    • 101+ miles +$195
  • All miles are quoted within the State of Oklahoma. For mileage fees outside Oklahoma will be quoted

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