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Choices for Ashes

Many people overlook the importance of cemetery property for those who choose cremation. Permanent placement of cremated remains is an important part of final arrangements. Depending on your preferences and the wishes of the deceased as left in a will, ashes can be buried in an urn space of a cremation garden, rose garden, niche bank, or family circle estate lot, or they may also be scattered. Among the most important things to consider:

  • A permanent site gives loved ones a physical place for visitation and reflection.
  • committal service ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or a cremation garden in a cemetery provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one.
  • When ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years, as future generations may not feel a connection to the deceased.
  • A permanent placement provides future generations with a location to visit when researching heritage.

Understanding that 46% of Americans choose cremation, Cremation Society members receive special negotiated discounts on specialized cremation disposition products and cremation scattering choices offered from Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens cemetery.

Where Will the Name Be Written?

Scattering Gardens, Inurnment, and Columbarium Niches

A cremation scattering garden highlights the beauty of nature and provides a serene setting for visitation and reflection. Through our exclusive agreement with Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens cemetery, we have special cremation garden choices available:

Family Circle Cremation Burial Estates 
Our own unique innovation designed especially for cremation-oriented families and friends. Creating a living memorial for optimal beauty and space utilization, a live tree is the focal point, surrounded by engraved natural stones, making them the permanent memorial monuments. We border the estate with stone-like edging defining your family circle. As many as four natural, eco-friendly bio-degradable urns may be interred without disturbing the earth and planting that enhances the engraved memorial stones.

Cremation Rose Garden Inurnment 
Each Rose Garden ash interment space is shaped by natural stone frames. Encompassed within is a hardy rose bush that blooms profusely from early spring to late autumn. This living tribute to the beauty of life and the memories of the loved one's ashes buried beneath provides a fitting and loving permanent placement. A custom engraved horizontal solid granite marker makes a statement of their life for all time.  A very popular choice by families.

Columbarium Niche 
The word "columbarium" comes from the Latin word "columbary" which is a structure for the nesting of doves—the dove being the symbol of God's spirit and peace. The term relates to a tradition used for centuries, both here and abroad, where a burial vault is provided for the containment of urns holding cremation ashes. The Sundial Cremation Garden at Rolling Oaks offer many location choices for your loved one's permant resting place.

Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens, located in Tulsa, is a unique, well-established, perpetual-care cemetery featuring many important specialized cremation options for placement and permanent memorialization of cremation ashes. Request your informative FREE color brochure entitled After Cremation

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Dreamed of Spaceflight?

We're partnered with Celestis®, which launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth's orbit, onto the lunar surface, or into deep space. Missions that return the cremated remains to Earth are also available. Visit Celestis® online for more details or ask us for information.

TSA Guidelines

Traveling with cremation ashes on an airplane? Get the facts from the Transportation Safety Authority by reading about the TSA guidelines ahead of your departure date.


Local Pick Up & Transportation

Local Pick Up and transportation of the body is a 30 mile radius from our central crematory operations. All transportation mileage beyond the standard 30 miles will incur additional mileage fees:

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (30 mile radius) $845

  • Removal of the decedent to the funeral home from a local residence, hospice, or care facility within 30 miles.
  • Additional Transportation Fees:
    • 31 - 50 miles +$75
    • 51-100 miles +$95
    • 101+ miles +$195
  • All miles are quoted within the State of Oklahoma. For mileage fees outside Oklahoma will be quoted

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