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If you are preparing your estate and getting your affairs in order, should you plan ahead for cremation, too? The answer is simple: Yes! So that you take care of your family and make sure your cremation plans and wishes are followed. There is a tremendous burden that is lifted when you have cremation funeral plans in place and your family does not have to worry about the plans for your burial or the payment that will be required.

Without set cremation plans, your family may choose an expensive mortuary when all you really wanted was a much simpler service. With the Cremation Society, planning is simple. We legally record your cremation decision so that your family will know exactly what your wishes are. We believe in keeping cremation simple and affordable. We will never pressure you or your family into purchasing merchandise or services that you do not need or want. The Cremation Society is different: Our specialists are not commission-driven employees. We keep cremation costs affordable and low.

Eliminate unneeded stress and free your family members from making important decisions at a difficult time. You will be amazed at feelings of confidence and relief by taking this caring action.


Consider the Advantages

The benefits of making cremation plans in advance and getting prepaid cremation plans:

  • This allows you to make important funeral cremation decisions together, not alone.
  • If something were to happen to you today, your family would know what to do.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing you have minimized the anxiety for loved ones.
  • Your cremation wishes will be carried out.
  • You can choose a cremation prepaid or pre-payment plan that fits your budget.
  • Cremation costs are locked in, and you are protected.
  • Most cremation pre-arranged plans are transferable, should you transfer or move to another area.
  • At the time of death, your cremation registration documents authorize us to perform the services you requested. One call to us is all that is necessary.
  • You may change your wishes at any time by simply contacting the Tulsa Cremation Society office.


Cremation Planning Options Available

As part of our commitment to residents of Oklahoma, we provide customer service and cremation funeral plans options in ways that keep costs manageable for families. We offer two planning options:


  • Register Your Cremation Wishes for Free. We provide a no-obligation form to legally register your cremation wishes or cremation funeral plans so that there will never be a question as to what you wanted. We will then send you a registration card and several cards to give to family and friends notifying them of your wishes for a Tulsa cremation.
  • Pre-Purchase a Cremation Plan. Prepaying locks in today's cremation cost forever, guaranteeing that you will not have to pay more. We offer monthly payments as low as $95 per month and, from the very first payment, the cost is frozen. The Cremation Society offers a worry-free prepayment plan, unlike many other funeral homes; we have a federally protected insurance company hold the prepayment until we perform the services we promised. You hold your prepaid cremation plan and have complete control over it at all times.


For those who travel, we offer a nationwide protection plan. This covers your cremation plan across the United States. If death occurs while you are traveling away from your home, your cremation costs would be included in your prepaid cremation plans. We pioneered the cremation business and have a nationwide network of cremation societies specializing in the program we use, like the prepaid cremation services, so you can trust that your wishes will be fulfilled with the utmost professionalism.

For more information, contact us at our funeral home in Tulsa, and we will send you additional resources, or, if you wish, you can set a time to meet at one of our offices near your home. Just remember that with us, there is never any pressure or obligation. We are here to help you and answer your prepaid cremation plans and cremation funeral plans questions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pay for cremation in advance?

It's not always easy to pay for your funeral in advance, but it is possible with the help of some special companies.You can contact a well-known company who can offer this service as an option on their menu prices or by making payments over time through monthly installments. This way there'll be less financial strain during such difficult times and one won't have worry about how much money they're going to need just weeks after losing someone close at hand! You can reach out to us at Cremation Society of Oklahoma for cremation pre-planning. We are proud to offer low cost, and worry-free cremation services.


Can you prepay for a cremation?

A common misconception about funerals is that people have to pay in advance, but this isn't always true. For those who want the certainty of knowing how much they'll need before it happens, prearranging with your funeral director may be ideal- especially if there are specific design elements and final wishes involved!


How much does a prepaid cremation cost?

Who wants to spend their life savings on a funeral? Cremation is the cheaper, more affordable alternative.

A prepaid cremation can cost between $3-$6 per day which will be subtracted from your final expense upon death with no additional fees involved in processing it - what's left over at end of service period goes towards funding an annuity for survivors or other beneficiaries who were nominated by you before passing away!

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