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When is Cremation Service in Broken Arrow, OK the Right Choice?

Across the nation, families and individuals are discovering the value of cremation care. When a loved one dies without a plan for the disposition of their mortal remains, it’s the next of kin that must decide what to do. Some families choose a cemetery casket burial, while others choose cremation service in Broken Arrow, OK. Both of these options are excellent choices, but why are families increasingly drawn to cremation services for their fallen loved ones?

For generations, death care of the deceased has been handled in much the same way as it was a hundred years ago. When someone passed away, their mortal remains are cared for by a mortuary. The body is cleaned, embalmed, and dressed. It is then laid in a casket for a traditional viewing and funeral service before being taken to a graveside for interment in a cemetery plot. The ceremonial details vary by community and tradition, but otherwise, the process remains largely unchanged.

However, in recent decades, families have sought a more individualized approach to meeting their final needs. Instead of a traditional funeral, many have elected for cremation with a memorial service. But even then, some choose to forgo the tribute service altogether, seeking a quiet, unheralded departure from this life. The reasons for making this choice are many, but generally focus on the following benefits:

  • Cost: As traditional funeral care costs have increased over the years, many of today’s families simply cannot afford the cost. While there are price points to meet a wide range of budgets, often cremations are still significantly cheaper than casket burials. The needs of the living sometimes outweigh the price of a traditional funeral.
  • Simplicity: For many families, it is not about the cost at all. Rather, it is about the need to simplify. Life is so filled with complexity and can easily be overdone in its bigger moments, that people are drawn to the minimalist approach that cremation offers.
  • Environmental Concerns: Many people are concerned about the well-being of the planet. Some say that traditional funeral care causes more harm to the earth than cremations do. The use of embalming chemicals and elaborate casket materials buried in the earth are considered to be pollutive in practice. For this reason, families and individuals are choosing cremation to help minimize the impact of their death on the planet.
  • Portability: Choosing cremation service in Broken Arrow, OK as the means of final disposition gives loved ones a way to keep their loved one close. In a highly mobile society that moves about more frequently than previous generations, the inurned ashes of a deceased loved one can be transported where ever the family goes. Another popular means of keeping someone close is to fabricate keepsake jewelry, made with ashes of the fallen.
  • Flexibility: A traditional funeral usually occurs within a few weeks of death. Those who wish to gather for services must arrange schedules on short notice to come, often at great cost and travel distance. Cremation is a way for families to handle the immediate care of the remains, yet it doesn’t require services to be held beforehand since the body does not need to be present for a memorial. This provides flexibility for families to choose a later time for services when all who wish to come can gather at an advance planned, more convenient time.
  • Choice of Resting Place: Whereas an embalmed body must be interred in a fixed location shortly after death and funeral services, a cremated body has more options for final resting places. Families can choose to keep their loved one in an urn at home, or to place their remains in an ash garden, a columbarium niche, or to scatter them in a special place where permitted by the law.

Additional Points of Consideration

Families that choose cremation care do so for a variety of personal reasons. There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to whether you choose a casket burial over cremation. It comes down to what you and your family feel is the best choice to make, given your feelings and the circumstances of the experience.

If there are any cultural or religious considerations to address, be sure to take time to reflect on these important aspects. You should also consider any budgetary needs, family wishes, and any expressed wishes of the deceased before they passed on. All of these details can provide perspective as you contemplate the decision before you and your family.

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